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We welcome parent volunteers throughout the year. Not only is volunteering fun and a great way to help the school, it also provides students a wonderful example of parents and teachers working together. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from that can fit any schedule.

​Direct Classroom Involvement:
If you volunteer in the classroom, you will be given a simple lesson and all materials necessary to work with an individual child or a small group of children. You will work on the same activity during the entire work period.  Families are also encouraged to share their special interests with students using slides, collections, heritage/culture, language, musical instruments, or experience and knowledge. Lunchroom reading is also available. 

Snack/Milk Volunteer:
You can help us provide healthy snacks and organic milk during the school year. 


Event Committees

Several committees help organize special events (social, fundraising, Long Meddowe Days, etc.)


Special Projects:
The school can always use help with projects that can be done at home to assist teachers (like making materials or sewing parts together for a project), or with handyman projects on-site at the school (such as hanging shelves, light painting) and more!

Service to the School Environment:
Services such as laminating, copying, etc. always needs to be done.

Board of Directors:
The Longmeadow Montessori Board of Directors is made up of parent volunteers who meet monthly to set policies for the school and to assist with legalities, fundraising, special events, oversee finances, and lots more. Parents are nominated for the Board based on relevant experience and previous school involvement.

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