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Faculty and Staff

Maria Montessori believed that a child’s environment is essential to their development and it is the Montessori Teacher’s responsibility to “prepare” the classroom with materials and lessons that help children learn and grow to their fullest potential.   

The staff of Longmeadow Montessori is comprised of dedicated teachers, some of whom have over 20 years of service to our students. The student-teacher ratio is 6-8 children or fewer per teacher. Most of our teachers are fully Montessori trained and hold Bachelor Degrees in Early Childhood Education, Psychology, or English, and Master Degrees in Education, Early Childhood Education, or Administration. In addition to classroom teachers and assistant teachers, Longmeadow Montessori has full time Music and Foreign Language teachers.

We are also committed to the continuing education of all staff and provide learning and training opportunities throughout the school year.  We believe it is our responsibility to provide the best level of care and education to our students and families.  Just as we strive for our students to achieve a lifelong love of learning, we, as educators, also believe that we should strive toward the same goal.

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“ Whoever touches the life of a child, touches the most sensitive part of the whole which has roots in the most distance past and climbs toward the infinite future.”

- Maria Montessori

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