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Our Approach

At Longmeadow Montessori, we believe that Montessori is more than just a method of education; it is a philosophy of life that we honor in our classroom. We believe the Montessori principles support a child’s fullest development, independence, initiative, creativity, self-discipline, and confidence.

We provide a
safe, accepting environment where children are continually encouraged to make their own choices and to learn from their mistakes.  During our uninterrupted work periods, children are empowered to make independent choices, and subsequently develop the confidence to do it themselves.  They are encouraged to finish what they start by working at their own non-competitive pace; to learn how to work independently and with others; and to develop patience and respect.


Why Montessori? 

Parents have many choices when considering an early childhood educational program for their child.  We thank you for taking the time to consider Montessori and its many benefits including the development of:

  • a life-long love of learning cultivated through rich, multi-sensory educational experiences

  • critical thinking skills that help children to become effective problem-solvers in and out of the classroom

  • awareness and respect for themselves, others, and the environment

  • confidence in making choices and doing things for themselves

  • resilience in learning from their mistakes and trying again













Please schedule a visit today so that we may show you first hand the benefits of the Montessori philosophy in our classrooms.

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