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Age appropriate chores for children

Some people might read these lists and not believe it is possible. But if you would like your child to not only do these chores, but enjoy contributing to the household, follow these tips:

  1. Never force the child – you can do these alongside each other or step in when they need help

  2. Look for child-sized brooms, mops and utensils to give the greatest success

  3. Slow down taking time to show your child how to do these tasks

  4. Keep your movements slow, and limit talking at the same time – makes it easier for them to copy you

  5. Makes chores around the house lots more fun if there is a little one alongside trying it out too

  6. Let go of perfection – you may find that the spill is not completely wiped up, there is water at the bottom of the pot plant etc.

  7. Scaffold skills – start with one step at a time and build on it

  8. Enjoy yourselves – if it starts to feel like hard work, come back to it in a couple of week

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