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Labyrinths with Melinda Cropsey

Hello, I am Melinda Cropsey and I have been working with the students and teachers at LMI for nearly six years, developing a social-emotional curriculum which employs the labyrinth as a tool to connect to the wisdom of the heart. I have written a book called “A Quiet Happy Place; a Children’s Introduction to the Labyrinth", and I would like to share instructions on how to create a labyrinth out of sidewalk chalk for you and your family to enjoy.

Labyrinths are wonderful tools for calming, centering and self-soothing. Walking a labyrinth is a playful form of walking meditation and is particularly well suited for young children. They follow a gently rocking path from the entrance to the center and back out again. No tricks, no challenges. A special space where you can’t “mess-up.” A place to slow down, take time-out for time-in and listen to the quiet messages of your heart.

Sending LOVE,


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