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“When you walk into a Montessori classroom, you may see a small group sitting on the floor, with an adult facilitating a lesson. Other children will be working individually or with partners or in groups of three or four….And the room is full of pleasant chatter, the cheerful buzz of meaningful, interesting work. There is the look and sound of respect for work in an atmosphere of congenial dignity”
                                          - Maria Montessori

- Collection of New Pajamas

   for "Hope for Every Child"

- J. Crew Shop for a Cause

- Bright Nights Trip

- Pajama Days

- Ballet presentation of "The    Magical Divide"


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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Longmeadow Montessori Internationale!

We are very pleased that you are interested in our school. At LMI, we are committed to providing each child with various hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that will create a life-long love of learning and character development. LMI teachers pride themselves in preparing the classroom environment for each child’s individual exploration and guiding each child to their highest potential emotionally, socially, culturally, and academically. Visitors marvel at the curiosity, concentration, sense of order, and confidence of our students, and the peaceful environment that is evident throughout our school in all child and adult interactions.

For over 30 years, LMI has been a proud part of the Longmeadow educational community. Our school is located in two separate buildings with separate classrooms. LMI is true to the principle of the Montessori education while at the same time recognizing that separate classrooms for each curriculum allow for infinite discovery and success. At LMI, you will find an entire classroom devoted to STEM. Culture comes alive with various performances throughout the year that complement what is taught in the classroom.

We invite you to take the time to get to know Longmeadow Montessori and to understand the remarkable educational journey that we offer to children. Please contact us to set up a visit and to experience LMI for yourself. We cannot wait to meet you!

Mary Jo McNamara
Head of School

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