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”. . . we cannot make a genius; we can only give each individual the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities to become an independent, secure, and balanced human being.”
                                          - Maria Montessori

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The LMI Experience

Why Montessori?

Although Maria Montessori began her work over one hundred years ago, her style of education prepares students for the 21st century world in a way that adapts to each child’s unique learning style and character. Dr. Montessori recognized that learning is most effective when motivated by the intrinsic curiosity of the child; therefore, a Montessori education helps children to be self-motivated, confident, independent, creative, and culturally literate learners. The work of the Montessori student is to create the person they are to become.

The Montessori method is a hands-on approach to learning and an environment that naturally builds character by encouraging the children to make wise choices, to finish what they start, to have patience and a sense of “fair play.” It is often a challenge for adults to allow children to make a “wrong” choice and live with the consequences of that choice. Yet this is the only way a child will learn how to make the “right” choices. At LMI, we provide a safe, accepting environment where children are encouraged to practice making choices. 

Why LMI?

At Longmeadow Montessori Internationale, we believe that Montessori is more than just a method of education; it is a philosophy of life that we honor in our classroom. We believe the Montessori principles support a child’s fullest development, independence, initiative, creativity, self-discipline, and confidence.

At LMI, we also encourage children to take initiative. Once children are shown lessons with our wonderful materials, they are able to explore and delve into exploring and discovering on their own. Children are empowered to make independent choices, given a variety of materials to choose from, and subsequently develop the confidence to do it themselves. They are encouraged to finish what they start by working at their own non-competitive pace; to choose to work alone or with a friend; and they learn to develop patience and sense of fair play.

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